Ethikill Anatomy Targets are the perfect tool for hunters looking to build shot confidence.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, this target offers a unique and educational approach to hunting preparation.

Unlike other targets that simply provide a spot to aim, the EthiKill Anatomy Target encourages hunters to think through their shot selection and imagine the location of the animals vital organs.

Check out the Targets

After shooting your group, simply flip over the target to see if you hit the vitals

Learn how to track blood with the easy-to-follow guide on the back.

Training with this target is a great way to educate yourself and future hunters on responsible and ethical hunting practices.

Creating EthiKill

I am a lifelong hunter and fisherman. I grew up in rural southeast Texas. As a young man, I chased whitetail deer with a shotgun and a slug, then with a borrowed rifle, and finally with a compound bow. After 40 years, I remain consumed with hunting, archery, scouting, training…

One bad hit on a whitetail deer led me on a quest to improve my skills and knowledge in hunting. I noticed that there are no training tools available to help with shot selection. When you place your pin or crosshairs on an animal for the first time, you have to go through the shot selection process and find your aiming point. It’s talked about some, but not practiced much.

" I remember freaking out the first time I put my pin on a live deer. (I worked hard to get where I was) I knew I was generally aiming in the right area due to all the target practice, but if I was honest with myself in that moment, I was guessing … "

I didn’t REALLY know where to aim, and I owe it to the animals I hunt to educate myself fully so visualizing the vital area is second nature. Even when the animal moves, or spins.

I wanted an animal target with no indication of where to shoot on the target face. This forces me to go through a shot selection process. I also wanted immediate feedback on my shot placements. So I got to work and the 2-Sided EthiKill Anatomy Targets were born. These targets have helped me tremendously in my own education so naturally I want to share that experience with other hunters.

  • Design Process

    Joe is a Graphic Designer by trade. Many hours of research and design go into each of these anatomically correct targets.

  • Field Testing

    Featuring an early season doe with a double lung shot. Joe is holding up the Ethikill Whitetail target v1.0 while doing some field testing.

  • Buck Down

    A Texas buck harvest in late season. Nothing feels better than seeing a pass through on a clean shot to the vitals. This deer did not go far.